Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July Fourth

On July 4 2003 I was with the family in Boston, part of our east coast tour. Preparations building for fireworks and a huge party on the banks of the Charles River. That was the second time I'd been to Boston; the first was in 1996 and I took the opportunity to have some time to myself by taking the T across the river into Cambridge. The rest of em wanted to spend time in a shopping mall.

Hmmm, we have malls right here in Phoenix and, as I've noted before[^], one mall is pretty much like another. Perhaps they wanted to convince themselves of that fact! *shrug*

On the way back I got into conversation with someone. The accent always seems to charm and they wanted to know where I was. Having given that tidbit of information I was asked

'Do you have July Fourth in Australia?'

I confirmed that we did indeed, adding that we also had a July third and a July fifth. Blank look of incomprehension but, as it was a special day to my interlocutor I left it at that.

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