Sunday, July 09, 2006

A long gestation

You remember that I visited Australia nearly 10 months ago. Is it really that long since I've enjoyed fish and chips? Sadly, yes.

Heino and I have a long tradition of visiting the Sunday Computer Markets[^] in Melbourne and that most recent trip was no exception. This time we had a goal, which was to get some wireless network cards, a wireless router and a USB 2.0 card.

I wrote about our adventure with the wireless networking[^].

Somehow, in the alternation of despondency at the blue screens and the delighted flush of success the USB 2.0 card was forgotten and it was still sitting on top of Heinos computer when I left.

A couple of times since then I've asked him if the card had ever been installed and the answer was always no. But I forgot all about it until today when, just before I rang him for the semi weekly chewing of the fat, it popped into my head.

It seems that it finally made its way into the computer, a month ago! I make that 9 months from purchase to installation. Surely a record??

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