Saturday, July 01, 2006

The never ending download

MSN Music is still bravely trying to download Raff's Fifth Symphony to my computer. I've been keeping a running total whilst deleting superfluous copies; it's currently at 2819 copies with nary a sign of an end let alone a license to play it!

Part of me wants to let it keep going, possibly forever, to see just how long they'll take to notice. But then the practical side kicks in and points out just how unimportant, in the scheme of things, a single stalled 99 cent download would be to MSN Music.

Thus a search through MSN pages today to find a contact number or link. No such thing as a phone number, for which I'm almost grateful. The thought of dealing with a script monkey has little appeal. But I did find a page where I can submit a problem report. Filled it out and it's disappeared into the maw of the beast.

They promise a reply via email within 24 hours; let's see what happens.

Oh, it's 2820 copies now!

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