Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And we're off!

to Chicago and parts east of there tomorrow. Fortunately the flight is at a civilised hour; about noon. It'll be quite the novelty travelling for a holiday instead of for business.

I swear I thought the last three hours of the working day would never end! I'd reached the logical end of the current task and there was little incentive to jump into the next task; insufficient time to complete it today and who knows how priorities will have changed between now and August 7th when I return to the office?

Thus a couple of hours of faking it followed by another installment of the meeting from hell. Uh huh, Tuesday again!

Y'know, with any luck I might have something worth writing about soon. Meanwhile, 107 hours of recording space remains on the HTPC; I reckon it'll be up to the task of recording whilst I'm away. They're running about 8 Marx Brothers movies while I'm away. I'll be in pig heaven when I return!

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