Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hanging at the mall

about a year or so ago my step daughter Morgan and I went shopping at Paradise Vally Mall in Phoenix. Morgan can be a real bitch at times but she can also be fun - this was an occasion of fun. She wanted to buy clothes of course (what 16 year old girl doesn't?) and I played the role of embarassed step dad. I can play the game when necessary!

She was somewhat surprised, knowing that I hadn't been to this particular mall before, that I could predict with a fair degree of accuracy what kinds of shops we'd find around the next corner. The food court just HAD to be over there; the phone shops down that way; the homewares would be there; the surfer clothes and record shops were going to be thataway and the cinema megaplex was opposite the food court. I wasn't completely accurate but I fancy my hit rate was better than 80%.

She asked me how I knew. Well how did she think I knew? I'd been in exactly the same mall half a world away. Even down to the same smiling teenagers clustered in groups giggling, flirting and sporting those strange lumps on the side of the head called, in the US, cellphones! Literally the only things that differed were some of the brand names (Osh Kosh Bigosh aren't, so far as I know, in Australia yet) and the accents. Cut the sound and the environments are almost indistinguishable.

Imagine my surprise when I found exactly the same mall in St Laurent du Var, France.

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