Sunday, July 16, 2006

Not even close

Last night[^] I mentioned the possibility that we might hit 100 F at midnight.

It was looking likely; Friday we peaked at 113 and today I think the peak was 115. Certainly it was bloody hot about 1 PM when I went to the library to return some CD's and borrow some more.

But later in the afternoon my wife mentioned that it was 'spitting' outside. I'm not going to miss an expectoration and sure enough there were a few drops of rain falling. Lasted maybe 5 minutes and 5 minutes after that the pavement was dry again.

We went out for dinner and when we emerged from Chilis the temperature seemed to have dropped a trifle. Enough to encourage me to venture on a walk. It's been hot enough of late that I haven't done my nightly walk in nearly a week.

Thus, headphones on, music player churning out a piece of music I haven't heard for 30 years, Richard Strauss's 'Tod Und Verklärung'. I don't exaggerate when I say that at the climax I felt a chill running down my spine despite the perspiration!

Returned home, sweat pouring down my face and my ponytail saturated, it was time for a shower. I thought I'd never get the shirt off my back the way it was sticking!

Having soared the heights of late German Romantic music it was time to settle in for British Comedy Night on PBS. Watched in the comfort of air conditioning and my hair down to let it dry.

At midnight it was time to check the temperature. Unfortunately it was Saturday night and none of the channels I checked were displaying the temperature. Do they think we only care about the temperature on weeknights?

But I record that walking outside wasn't like stepping into pea soup. My wife commented that it was a lot cooler than 100; I'm guessing no more than 90. MSNBC localised to Phoenix reports, at the time of writing, that it's only 89.

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