Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Old movies

In addition to obsessing about getting the metadata tags right in my music collection much of my time recently has been spent watching late 1940's and early 1950's film noir. Like that'd be a surprise given recent postings. These movies are even older than I am (though only just!).

As much as I can enjoy a Humphrey Bogart or a James Cagney film I reckon the more obscure titles from those ten or twelve years are 'better'. Better in the sense that, for the most part, they're better written than the 'star' vehicles, better performances, better lighting. Without the distraction of the studio image builders it feels as though everyone involved was concentrating on making movies.

I particularly enjoy the movies made by RKO Radio Pictures. Titles such as The Narrow Margin[^] and The Setup[^]. I sometimes find myself wondering if my father had seen these movies. Odds are that he did; they'd have been supporting features throughout the 1950's.

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