Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Visual Studio 2005 launch

Even though I've pretty much lost interest in new releases of any development environment as such I still work in the industry and I do try to keep up with the news as it relates to my area of specialisation.

'Twasn't always so of course; I was one of the very first purchasers of Visual Basic 1 and I used to pay extortionate international dial up rates to download the latest release of Zortech C++ (both events of 1991).

I've been using Visual Studio since before it was even called that! Visual C in early 1992. MSVC in various versions, most long forgotten, including MFC 1.0 which, as I recall it, came on 20 floppies and took more than ten hours to install if you didn't have smartdrv installed. Installing smartdrv cut the install time to about 2 hours.

I attended the Phoenix VS2005 launch which happened the day after the product was officially released. A free event; all one had to do was register ahead of time, print out the form with a bar code and front up on the day.

I've never really enjoyed the Microsoft events; too much time to impart too little information. The bait that got me to go to the VS2005 launch was that they were giving away a full copy, not time limited, of VS2005 professional. Always nice to have the latest.

Microsoft have learned a thing or two over the years; at previous launches they'd give out the freebies first and then do the presentations; but not this time. If we wanted the freebie we had to sit through the entire lecture. Bite the arm off at the shoulder time!

So up I fronted, at a movie theatre complex over near the 101 on Indian School Road. Microsoft had booked two theatres for the day; one live, the other for the overflow crowd who would get to see the live theatre presentation on video.

Once we'd checked in we were each handed a coupon good for popcorn and a soft drink.

There are few sadder sights in the world than the sight of a thousand overweight bearded developers, each clutching a 46 ounce bucket of popcorn in one hand and a 16 ounce drink in the other!

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