Saturday, July 22, 2006

LaMont lives

as we discovered last night at yet another get together of the 'boys'.

Our little Phoenix area bloggers group is growing. We're now up to four of us. I had, of course, already met LaMont[^] but for quite some time there he wasn't coming out to play. My theory was that he didn't like Vern; strangely enough Vern's theory was that he didn't like me! What does Vern know?

Perhaps, having read my initial report linked above wherein I drew certain inferences relating to the happenstance of the pair of them ambling off to the dunny simultaneously, he had reason for not wanting last nights meetup to take place at the gay bar[^] we ended up in last week! I couldn't possibly speculate!

So we gathered at Gallaghers over on 7th Street. Neither Vern nor I had been there before and because Vern isn't above asking me for a ride too and fro, casting me, the drinker, in the role of designated driver, we arrived together. Looked to both of us exactly like it could have been a suburban dentists office!

Doubtless worrying about the aforementioned impugning of his sexuality LaMont did evince considerable interest at the moment the barmaid, wearing no bra and a flimsy low cut top, bent toward him. Evince considerable interest? I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head! In all fairness, all four of us took an enthusiastic gander. I fear that my fellow bloggers are sadly out of touch though; the speculation was that she was 18; I reckon 25 if she's a day! Not that there's anything wrong with being 25; if I try hard enough I can remember back that far! :-)

I learned a new phrase. You'll remember that I learned to say 'Screw you buddy!' in place of the rather coarser expression I'd have used four years ago in Australia. I now know the extended version. 'Screw you and the horse you rode in on, buddy!'. I'm told that the buddy part is optional. I tried it out at the office today; worked a treat, if causing insane laughter is the gauge of success!

But I reckon I'm going to have to bankroll the next get together. For various reasons it's happened that I've paid very little cash at the last few and I fear the rumours will start about Rob being a cheeseparing bastard. Knowing full well the Australian traditions around the 'shouting of drinks' I can't possibly let this state of affairs continue.

Interesting note; I went looking for a link to illustrate the Australian traditions and found this[^]. Don't ya love the internet??

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