Friday, July 14, 2006

Well, that was a lot sooner than I expected

When I arrived home tonight it was to find another letter from the Department of Homeland Security, summoning me to a naturalisation interview at the end of August.

Considering that the Phoenix USCIS website[^] is still quoting, at the time of writing, priority dates of June 30th 2005 for naturalisation applications and further considering that my priority date is May 18th 2006 I'm more than a little surprised the interview is so soon.

Do they run the security and background check in parallel with the other processing? Seems unlikely. So, much to the surprise of my closer friends and aquaintances, it would seem that the FBI found nothing against me. This is no surprise; I've never been arrested.

I guess it's time I brushed up on my US History and form of Government, to say nothing of the names of Representatives and Senators for Arizona.

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