Thursday, July 20, 2006

Only in Phoenix

would the failure of air-conditioning in an apartment building rate a mention on radio news. Going by the fact that they were playing the news at 9 AM as I drove to work and they had the same report playing when I drove home we can draw one of two conclusions; either there's no other news or the failure of the air-conditioning was an important news story.

Yeah, I'm making light of it. The fact is that the heat here doesn't bother me much but as Steve Kaschimer[^] pointed out in response to this[^] post, I have the advantage of air-conditioning.

So far this year I haven't heard all that much on the radio about the deaths of homeless people; but I certainly remember hearing about the subject last year; something in the order of 50 died from heat exhaustion and, probably, thirst.

Now that I think about it; I can remember seeing precious few drinking fountains around...

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