Thursday, July 13, 2006

And another year goes by

And once again Heino has a birthday[^]. Bastard is still a trifle over six years younger than me and no amount of persuasion will make him get older than I!

I lied a little in last years notice of ageing; I do have one slightly embarassing story about him but I hadn't prepared ahead of time and hadn't obtained his permission to relate it. Robin may be fair game but Heino's me best mate!

It's not much of a story but here it is.

Back in 1975 we'd just joined Turtle Video[^]. One of the people who hung around was a young lady by the name of Jackie!

They'd have been about the same age, 14 going on 15 though in her case it was more like 14 going on 20. Which isn't to say she was mature beyond her years so much as it is to say that she *thought* she was.

Heino admired her from afar and wanted to ask her out on a date but couldn't quite pluck up the courage. Been there done that and I have the T shirt to prove it.

He'd dither around alternately convincing himself she'd glanced encouragement or that he hadn't a chance. I seem to remember another young lady, confidant of the first, and the pair of them giggling and exchanging commentary behind raised hands. On the other hand, I could be confusing a thousand other memories with this particular one! It's not like that kind of behaviour among teenage girls is unusual.

This went on for a week or so and Heino had advanced to the stage where he could converse on the phone with her but he still couldn't quite bring himself to the point. He'd make the run direct and shy away at the last moment, or he'd try the subtlety that only a 14 year old can muster, and shy away at the last moment.

After a week of that I could stand it no longer. When he was on the phone once again to Jackie I grabbed it and said 'Heinos got the hots for you; how about you?'.

I record this as the only time I've ever seen Heino truly embarassed.

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