Monday, March 28, 2005

We went for a hike today

the entire family and I, to some Indian Heiroglyphics in a canyon in the Superstition Mountains southeast of Phoenix. Here[^] are some shots I took. Alas the batteries in my digital camera went flat and before you ask if I'd thought ahead I had; but I lost one of the spare batteries so there it is.

'twas a fun day. The total distance we hiked was maybe 4 miles and I'm being generous. Admittedly it was over some rocky terrain but even so it was a trivial hike. My wife decided that the description she'd found on the 'net was inaccurate; it had been described as easy and she felt it should have been intermediate. Well, I walk a lot so we'll let that pass.

When we got home Morgan headed straight for the shower; the hike had taken longer than expected mainly due to the distance from home to the car park and back and she was running late for work. Andrew did his usual song and dance routine about sore feet and my wife collapsed for a nap. Me? Far be it from me to miss the chance to rub it in - I went for a long walk .

I wanted to post those photos for Chris's delight. He's a Phoenix boy and when we dined together last week I fear I didn't emphasise enough just how green Phoenix is right now; the legacy of a lot of unexpected rain. I fear we're in for a rough fire season this year when the real heat kicks in and that foliage dries out.

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