Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Anyone care to guess

just how incredibly urgent it was for me to give up most of my Sunday to travel to Dallas? Yeah, I know, the wording implies the answer .

But on the other hand, I did just experience something that made it almost worthwhile. We had one of those 'team' dinners out; you know the drill - everyone sits around either po faced waiting for it to be over; or they're busy trying to prove to everyone just what a team player they are; guess which category fits me! It's just finished and I'm back at the hotel. I was a passenger as we drove through the 'High 5', an unfinished and seemingly baffling 5 level intersection of multiple freeways. Someone with an eye for the artistic ensured it's floodlit from below and it's an absolutely fascinating experience to drive through it at night. I wish there was somewhere we could pull over so I could take some shots but alas I couldn't see anywhere that'd be safe given most traffic seems to be doing 60 MPH+.

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