Friday, March 11, 2005

Gotta love the circus

The media circus that is;

So there I was driving to work today about 9:20 AM Arizona time. The radio was interrupted by a newsflash from a breathless reporter. Michael Jackson is late to court! This was announced in much the same way that one might expect the announcement of a second 9/11.

Ten or so minutes later the program was interrupted again. The judge has issued a bench warrant for Michael Jacksons arrest if he doesn't appear in court within an hour! (I was tempted to capitalise each letter of that sentence but good taste prevailed). This was followed by the reporter announcing that Jackson's lawyer had been seen pacing back and forth with a mobile phone to his ear.

I love that detail. I couldn't stop laughing, and we all know how rarely you laugh out loud when you're alone.

Now the cynics amongst you are expecting me to attribute this to America. Wrong. When I got home from work tonight I rang my best mate Heino. I ring him at least once a month but usually more often (except when he's at the Australian Grand Prix). I started telling him about the story and he interrupted me with more up-to-date information than I had. It seems that the Australian media have also been following this non-story with the kind of attention you'd normally associate with hungry sharks in a bloodbath!

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