Tuesday, March 29, 2005

On the fourth day

You'll remember I ranted about how, having allocated 4 days to test some new code in Dallas, I found myself having to spend 3 of those days doing something else. That something else led me to spending Friday doing an off cycle software release which arrived in the Philippines today (man that's fast).

On the fourth day (last Thursday) I tested my changes. Somewhat to my own amazement I hadn't broken anything and it all worked as expected. Well not quite; there were some warts in the user interface but what worried me was that I might have made a breaking change to the background process that obeys the UI. I hadn't. When I started a process on slot 17 of 48 that was the slot that was affected. Likewise for slot 33. This is good . It means I finally feel confident that I can make changes to this inherited codebase without totally breaking it. But beware hubris!

As for the warts; easily fixed. Just don't go caressing frogs!

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