Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I don't subscribe to Pay TV in the US so I don't have first hand experience of how they do their programming. Back in Australia in 2001/2002 the way Optus did it was to have a core set of movies that were repeated umpteen times. As the months passed movies would drop out of the regular rotation and other movies would take their place. At the end of 6 months the entire lineup would have changed but in that 6 months you could see 'Eyes Wide Shut' a hundred times if you chose...

Sometime in 2002 this movie[^] cropped up. The precis in the monthly movie guide wasn't promising. 'The great great great grandaughter of Christ must save the world!'. So I gave it a miss.

Maybe a fortnight later I was idly changing channels late one evening and I happened upon this; two guys following a woman across a bridge. They were arguing and one of the guys said 'guys like us don't just fall out of the sky you know'. Of course a guy fell out of the sky!The guy doing the talking looks up at the sky and says 'beautiful naked big-titted women don't just fall out of the sky'. With an intro like that (it's about 30 minutes into the movie) I just HAD to watch to the end! Somewhere in the dialogue was a gag about ConAir and the comment about how much that movie sucked*!

Thus my introduction to the movies of Kevin Smith.

Of all his movies Dogma is my favourite. There's much to laugh at in Jay and Silent Bob Strike back; likewise for Mallrats. For whatever reason Clerks never grabbed me. Chasing Amy is in a class of it's own. But Dogma remains my favourite. A funny serious literate blasphemous religious movie that never fails to reduce me to tears in the final five minutes.

*for the record, I quite enjoyed ConAir[^] - a good 2 hours of mindless entertainment and you gotta love a movie with a character named Cyrus the Virus!

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