Tuesday, March 01, 2005

South Texas

Today we had lunch at a cheap Texas BBQ place (you have no idea how much of a wrench it is to write BBQ rather than Barbecue). The food wasn't all that good but what do you want from a place that charges about 5 bucks for lunch! Sheesh!

But I had a good laugh. The guy behind the counter asked 'what's yours?'. I answered (and I honestly can't remember what the name is of the dish I ordered - smashed jack? or something like that - it was a baked spud with chipped beef and bacon bits on top). He took one look and...

'Which part of Texas are you from?'

'Australia, mate' I answered.

'Ah', he drawls, 'that must be East Texas'.

'Nope mate. It's Southern Texas!'

Yeah I know, it's a game. I hope I played my side as well as he did his.

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