Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I'm definitely starting to feel more comfortable in Phoenix

frightening thought!

Probably because I've now got some friends here. But there's also a beauty to the place. I wrote last night about how my drive home is complicated by roadworks. Which it is. But, on the other hand, the shortest route misses some sights that are worth seeing. The longer route I'm forced to take can be visually stunning. For example, I drive North from the office along the Hohokam (sp?) expressway and drop a right via Washington Street onto McDowell Road. That takes me east through the Papago Park; where the Phoenix Zoo is located, and past two very very large redstone boulders, one on each side of the road. They're not quite on the scale of Uluru but they're impressive nonetheless. Rear mirror shows Phoenix Downtown in the distance; and in front are the mountains that mark the eastern boundary of what's called, here, the east valley. If you time it just right you get to see them lit up by the setting sun and it really is worth seeing.

I have to get into the habit of carrying my camera with me even when I go to the office.

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