Wednesday, March 02, 2005

How to miss the boat

4 or 5 months ago my employers were looking for someone who understood hardware but who also had an appreciation of software. Now based solely upon 16000+ posts on CodeProject I had no hesitation whatsoever in recommending our friend Roger Wright (of CP fame). I've never met the guy but reading his writing over the past 3 or so years led me to feel confident in putting his name up. Which I did. About 4 or 5 months ago.

As we CP regulars know, in the meantime he's found a job he enjoys.

Today I find in my email an impassioned request from management, who've FINALLY got around to reading his resume, for me to provide them with contact details. It's urgent for Christs sake.

I'd love to meet Roger - and I will sometime real soon now - as soon as I can persuade management to let me spend more than about 3 days in Arizona - but I wouldn't wish working for my employer on my worst enemy (well maybe I would - but definitely not on my second worst enemy).

Hmmm I'm glad Roger wasn't starving to death waiting for a call from the people I work for!

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