Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I was quite pleased to find my blog linked on this page[^]. I was even more pleased, this morning, when I checked CodeProject and found this[^].

When you start doing this kind of stuff, and particularly if over time it tends toward the more personal, there's always that nagging thought; 'is this of ANY interest to anyone?'. So when someone who is well known to this community and to the CP community makes a post like that it's quite flattering.

It's not that I hadn't received other feedback, some of it unexpected. David Wulff, for example, posted that he wanted to see my blog (or something like it) come out as a book. I'm still thinking about that one :-) Chris and Chris (I think of them as the terrible twins :-) ). Dan G. Nish. Johann. Enough encouragement to keep me going.

Not that there was much danger, once I'd got into the swing of things, that I'd stop posting. I'm enjoying it too much for that to happen. I notice, as I'm sure you have, that over time it's evolved. Early posts were more in keeping with the original intent of Wdevs as I understood that intent; a place where developers could share experiences.

I've tended to shy away from those kinds of posts since then for a couple of reasons. If I write a technical article CodeProject seems the 'natural' place to publish it. Wider audience and all that kind of thing. Thus (and my earlier posts bear this out) the kinds of things I'd blog about tended to be on the negative side. There's definitely a place for war stories and I'm sure I'll write more in the future. On the other hand... If you do a google search on my name what pops up? Wdevs. Probably unlikely but not impossible that our customer may search on my name. I wouldn't want them to find too many things critical of the way we do things.

There's another reason. I prefer not to be overly negative in my outlook on life. I hope it comes through when I write that I'm in favour of life in all it's crazy manifestations. 'twasn't always so. There was a time in the late 1980's when my outlook on life was very dark, dark enough that my first wife didn't want to have cope with it. That's not the only reason we divorced but it was a contributing factor.

Overall my memories of my childhood are happy ones; my memories of later life are also happy ones. I enjoy writing about those times.

So thank you for reading. And thank you for the feedback. Thank you for letting me know that you read. You know who you are.

I'd better stop before we all come down with diabetes!

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