Monday, May 02, 2005

Here's a riddle!

You'll remember a night or two ago I ordered a bottle of wine to be consumed in my room, and how some minutes after it was delivered and opened, a corkscrew arrived, unordered.

Well, tonight, I ordered a similar bottle of wine. The phone conversation in which I placed the order was somewhat strange. I just wanted a bottle of wine. They always ask how many wine glasses; I suspect prurient curiousity; either it's just the one glass in which case I'm an alcoholic or it's two in which case I'm a dirty old man ! I'll plead guilty to the former but not the latter! Tonight they added a question. Did I need a corkscrew? Well of course not, the waiter will have one, I reply.

So the waiter and the bottle arrive; no corkscrew! Put the question. It seems that the waiting staff no longer carry corkscrews - you have to call housekeeping for that. So they can deliver a bottle but they can't open it? In future I'm going to have to order a bottle, a single wine glass and a corkscrew. I can do that! Gotta wonder how the decision to do it that way originated though...

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