Saturday, May 28, 2005

How to make $39.99 equal $97.11

I hired a car for one day in Dallas. The advertised price was $39.99 a day. Tonight, upon returning it, I got the bill. It contains the following fascinating extra charges.

$1.26/day surcharge (Reimbursement Property Tax, (tax includes %5 project tax) fee).
11.11% fee totalling $6.34 (concession recovery fee).
$21.99 for one day insurance.
15.00% tax totalling $10.44
$17.09 (PAI/PEP/ALI charge (whatever that means)).

Excluding the tax and the insurance (to which I'd agreed) that makes hidden charges totalling $24.69, not one of which was disclosed prior to my signing for the rental. Hmmm...

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