Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Maybe more info than you wanted

One night in 1994 (it was Wednesday December 7th to be precise :-) ) I had some friends over for dinner. A somewhat distracted evening because I'd just run a 'clean' utility in the wrong directory and wiped out my Windows installation. (It deleted .exe and .obj files - not a good idea to run it from C:\). So I was swapping the 20 or so floppies that Win 3.1 came on for a reinstall whilst trying to be the scintillating host.

I might be a year out on the age but I think Lachlan was 3 at the time. We had two cats, Kafka and Manny. And Lachlan had just discovered how good it is to pet a cat. Unfortunately the cat didn't quite agree with his petting technique and used a single claw as a warning to rack off! I swear I've never seen a kid cross a room so fast!

I think we did roast lamb that night with all the trimmings (potatoes roasted in the same pan, pumpkin, mint sauce, gravy, peas). I'm completely certain we had cheese to follow dessert, washed down with copious quantities of wine.

Any why am I so certain? The wine is a given. If you felt the need to doubt then you haven't been reading my blog very long :-) But the cheese? Read on.

Almost 3 years and one divorce later my then girlfriend and I were sprucing up the house. Yep, I'm one of the few men to go through a divorce and keep the house! And there, high up on top of the kitchen cupboards, was a rather large ornamental plate holding a substance that, when touched, crumbled to dust. I have to admit it puzzled me mightily at the time. I had no idea what it was. It took nearly a week for the night of December 7th 19411994 to come back.

But it didn't stop there! She decided it was time to examine my refrigerator. Hard to believe but she found, at the back, in the year 1997, a jar of pesto with an expiry date of 1993! I hate pesto; foul stuff. Not much of an excuse though.

I've become somewhat better at housekeeping since 1997!

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