Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Graham Kennedy

died today[^].

I ran across him once, January 1980, at the Channel 10 Studios in Nunawading, Melbourne. Sheerest coincidence; I was working on their hotline as they made the move from Channel 0 to Channel 10 which involved a couple of million people learning how to use the fine tune control on their TV sets. It paid good money at the time!

At the end of my shift, which was, if I remember rightly, 9 PM, I was walking to my car. Graham emerged and I said 'you're Graham Kennedy aren't you?'. With those eyes and that face he could hardly deny it :-) So we walked to our respective cars.

Ok, so it's not much of a story. I remember with much affection watching his shows in the late 1960's and it was good to meet him.

Rest in Peace Graham.

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