Saturday, May 07, 2005

Fire drills

We had a fire drill here today at the customers site in Baguio.

I imagine the idea is that it's a test of how well everyone responds to the declaration of an emergency. Not just those of us who are herded out of the building of course; also how well do those responsible for ensuring such movement respond.

Nonetheless, it strikes me as somewhat bizarre that we were all greeted, upon our arrival at the building, with the news that there was to be a fire drill about 10 AM and to be handed the protective shoe covers I'd need to wear upon my in-building shoes. Uh huh, I'm going to have those to hand when the real fire breaks out!

I'm in two minds about it. If we had not been warned and given those shoe covers then all our footwear would have been contaminated and they'd have to write it off. On the other hand, with the warning, what validity does the drill have?


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