Sunday, May 15, 2005

It's not easy

to take a piece of New Zealand Hoki (fish) and turn it into something you could credibly use as the sole of ones shoe but the restaurant we dined at last night managed that feat quite nicely. The food was quite inedible! Good thing I've lost my appetite of late.

The service was almost as bad. We're talking your average family type restaurant/beer tavern, not too crowded. How is it possible for the meal to take over an hour to arrive? Of course, that does rather neatly explain the fish! But we had our revenge. We left no tip. On the way out my wife overheard the following conversation between our waiter and the head waitress.

Waiter (looking at the signed credit card statement): They didn't leave a tip.

Waitress: They probably left cash on the table. Go and look.

We kept walking.

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