Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rites of passage

The other day Andrew was going to play paintball with his friends. Not a sport I've indulged in but I can imagine it's attraction. His dad was concerned about the continuation of the line so he wanted Andrew to purchase a 'cup'. I've never owned such a thing in my life so I was at a loss. Where would one even purchase such an item? Mum came to the rescue with suggestions regarding venues but Andrew was as uncomfortable with the idea that she'd accompany him for such a momentous purchase as he was with the idea that I might. To be honest that was a relief. What I know about the selection, fitting and purchase of a 'cup' could be engraved on the head of a pin using a very large cold chisel!

A happy idea! Since dad was so concerned on the subject why not throw it back on him? We did. So dad turned up the other night to collect Andrew.

You know me well enough by now to know that it was impossible for me to resist saying, as Andrew went out the door, 'Andrew? Have a ball!'

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