Saturday, May 28, 2005


The other day I said I was going to Dallas for an overnighter that, if successful, meant I had to go back to The Philippines immediately. It was successful, so, rather reluctantly, I rang the boss to confirm that I was indeed travelling to Baguio this weekend. I was, so I rang the travel agent. A few hours passed and I hadn't heard back so I rang the agent again and learned that I'm confirmed to travel to Manila on Sunday.

So I rang the boss again, to tell him I was confirmed. Ordinarily I wouldn't have rung back but in this case I needed to be sure a colleague who is based in Taiwan would also be there in Baguio. I can't complete the job without him so there's not much point in my going if he's not going to be there.

And the boss said, 'Rob, you're not going'. 'Say what?' I said. 'You're not going' he repeated. He then went on to explain that, due to a demo we're doing for a new customer that requires both myself and my Taiwanese colleague, they've decided to postpone my Baguio Trip.

Hmmm, so what would have happened had I not called the boss again? Based on the contents of my office email, I'd have boarded that plane on Sunday arvo, done the 40 odd hours of travel to Baguio and found out, Wednesday morning Baguio time that I need not have travelled at all.

I'm not complaining! I wasn't looking forward to the trip though I imagine in a few weeks time I'll be starting to get itchy feet and wanting to travel again. I just wish it was back to France! Meanwhile, I get to enjoy a public holiday for a change. Oh, and my frequent flyer balance is already over the number required for a second return trip to Australia!

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