Tuesday, May 24, 2005

T minus a bit less than four months

Yup - I booked my flight to Australia this arvo! I get to spend the last two weeks of September soaking up Melbourne ambience and eating real fish and chips again. Truth to tell, if I was crossing the Pacific merely for a good feed of fish and chips I'd go to New Zealand; not only is it a bit closer but those guys really know how to make magnificent fish and chips!

But New Zealand doesn't have Heino!

This is my first time trying to book a flight using frequent flyer points. I've used them in the past for class upgrades but never had much faith in the availability of seats. To my surprise I got exactly the flights I wanted on the days I wanted. And after booking this flight I still have almost enough points left for another trip. My trip back to the Philippines next month will more than tip the balance.

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