Saturday, February 26, 2005

Stone soup

or, 'Another family story that's meaningless to outsiders'.

One afternoon a year and a half ago my wife and I were talking about the history of Microprocessors. We're wierd like that! Something she said reminded me of a parable published in Electronics Australia magazine sometime in 1977. It was a retelling of the story of stone soup where the stone was the microprocessor and the vegetables and meat added to make the stone soup even better were all the support chips required to make that 'cheap' microprocessor actually work.

So I said something about stone soup. Andrew piped up. He said...

'Oh, I know that story. There's this kid with a diaper full of soup!'

Then he stopped, realising what he'd just said. My wife laughed. And laughed. And laughed and kept on laughing. I swear I thought she'd wet herself she was laughing so hard!

Poor Andrew. Every time he comes out with another Andrewism we remind him of the diaper full of soup!

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