Saturday, February 12, 2005

A little magic

in an otherwise ordinary day.

Today I flew back to Phoenix from Dallas via El Paso. After we boarded the plane in Dallas a stewardess paged one of the female passengers. 'Could so and so identify herself to the cabin crew - we may have to take you off the plane'. I remember thinking 'yeah, that's an incentive to identify yourself'.

Eventually she identified herself. As she stood up another voice came over the PA, speaking in Spanish. More than one passenger glanced back; I did too. Another passenger was talking on the PA from the back of the plane. A few seconds later one of the cabin crew explained to we Spanish challenged what was happening. It seems he was proposing to her.

She blushed, she looked embarassed; and she said yes! We all applauded! It's not often you see a planeful of passengers all smiling simultaneously.

I thought it was pretty cool.

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