Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Airports for smokers

A couple of days ago a post about how to stop someone smoking appeared in the Lounge on CP. Few things irk me more than a sanctiminious bastard urging me to stop smoking; I'm just as likely to light up a smoke during the lecture on how evil it is to smoke. I know it's bad for me. I don't need some bastard quoting statistics at me. If one took the statistical approach to life one wouldn't leave ones house! Except that one would have to leave the house to avoid all the statistics about how one can die in ones house. But to leave is to court dangers on the street!!! Uh huh. If you live your life by statistics then you're a poor sad bastard who deserves the lonely paranoid death you'll eventually meet. As for me? I'll drink and smoke and enjoy life!

Anyway, I got to thinking, over that glass of wine that statistically may kill me if you believe one camp (and may postpone my heart attack if you believe the other camp), about all the airports I've been in. Here is the list from a smokers perspective.

Melbourne Airport: Forget it. Can't smoke anywhere except outside. Likewise for Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Burnie, Launceston and Hobart.

Sydney Airport: Can't remember the domestic side. I suspect the only place you can smoke is outside. If you're in the international side there's a pretty good smoking lounge.

Auckland Airport: I've never been in the domestic side; the international transit area has a smoking lounge. You don't need to get closer than 4 metres; walking into the lounge will give you a smokers high like you wouldn't believe, without lighting a single ciggy!!!

Palmerston North Airport (New Zealand): No smoking! Likewise for Wellington Airport.

Suva (Fiji): Can't smoke (well at least you couldn't in 1986 - I was there for about 3 hours).

Chiang Kai Shek Airport (Taiwan): No smoking!

Los Angeles: I'm told there are smoking lounges at Terminal 7 but, though I've flown both ways through that terminal (United Airlines) many times I've never seen a smoking lounge. Everywhere else in the airport seems to be non smoking. Allow 20 minutes if you walk fast (I do) between your last smoke and boarding the plane! On second thought, allow 30 minutes; I've been selected for secondary inspection twice!

San Francisco: I've never seen a smoking lounge at SFO - 'nuff said! Likewise for Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth International, Dallas Love Field, Boston Logan, Reno, Orlando Florida, Ronald Reagan, Washington and New Orleans.

Denver poses especial problems for a smoker given it's incredible length and the fact that the only outside access is at one end. Naturally my gate was at the other end - about a 20 minute walk each way.

Albuquerque: No smoking! I was hoping to see Bugs Bunny make a left but it didn't happen!

Minneapolis/St Paul: I had no time between connections to check but I suspect it follows the US pattern.

Spokane International: I seem to recall a smoking lounge there in 1986 but I haven't been back since and it's only a vague recollection.

Washington Dulles: This is a wonderful contrast to the US pattern. They actually have smoking lounges available after you've passed the security checks for international travel!

Phoenix (Sky HarboUr International): Terminal 2 has smoking lounges. Terminals 3 and 4 don't. Terminal 1 is for freight and smoking there is the cue for extinguishers

Schippol Netherlands: I didn't realise that you can smoke at the bars. So my initial thought was no smoking. I was wrong!

Nice France: Smoking in Terminal 1. No smoking in Terminal 2. Go figure.

Hong Kong: Almost the most smoker friendly airport I've ever seen. I counted 12 smoking lounges in a leisurely 10 minute walk!

Changi Airport, Singapore: There are two outdoor areas in terminal 2 (I haven't been in terminal 1). You can also smoke in Harry's bar (very civilised).

Manila Airport: I've only been in the N(inoy?) Aquino airport. You can smoke but take my word for it; don't lean back and let your head touch the wall. If you do your hair sticks to the wall!

Incheon Airport (Korea): Three smoking lounges. Well ventilated.

And the winner is!!!! (Drum Roll...)

Frankfort airport: After 20 years of anti-smoking totalitarianism I didn't even notice, at first, the smoking areas. But there they are. In every waiting lounge. Civilisation at last!


Austin said...

Atlanta Airport has smoking areas in every terminal building. As a result, I try to fly Delta since ATL is a hub for them.

Charlotte NC used to allow smoking in the bars, but they've managed to get rid of them and now the security lines are jammed with repeat checks from people going in and out. Strike one for the smoking nazis.

Anonymous said...

If cigarettes are legal, every fucking airport should make a lounge for smokers... I have nothing against completely separating smokers from non-smokers, even better, but completely banning the use of a legal substance is kind of discriminatory...

Melbourne airport sucks big time...