Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sometimes you CAN win

You'll remember that a couple of weeks ago I had one of a pair of hard disk drives in a mirrored RAID array fail and the replacement was just a trifle too small to allow a rebuild.

Yesterday the other old drive failed. This time I was able to buy a replacement drive of the same make and model. This time installing the new drive was a breeze. Slipped the new drive in, selected the rebuild array option in the RAID BIOS and an hour later I was back with no data loss ! This is how it's supposed to work!

(Note to self) Sometime in the next couple of months we're planning to RAID our main data server at the office. Time to convince the boss that we buy 3 identical drives, not two, and store the 3rd one in a safe place against the day... Come to think of it, maybe I should do the same here.

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