Monday, February 28, 2005


so I've just got back to the hotel in Dallas. Strangely enough I'm in the same room as last week - it's almost as though I never left...

For a change the flights were both on time and we got to Dallas Airport exactly when I expected we would. This time there are three of us travelling from Phoenix to here; I met up with the other two at Dallas. The plan was that one of them would rent a car and we'd all travel to the same hotel (hardly earth shattering news). So the one who was renting the car fronts up at the desk (he's a trifle higher in the heirarchy than I am). I nipped outside for a smoke and returned just in time to witness him arguing about the price. It seems he'd been quoted $30 a day plus taxes for the car; they were trying to bill him $35 a day plus taxes. He's hiring the car for just the one day!

Now I've just travelled here on a ticket costing something over $350 return and I'm in a hotel room costing about $80 a night. So if I were in that position I'd just sign and have done with it. In the scheme of things 5 bucks isn't worth wasting time over. Not this guy. 25 minutes were wasted. 25 minutes of his time, 25 minutes of the other guys time and 25 minutes of my time! I felt like taking a fiver out of my wallet, slamming it down on the counter and saying 'for Christs sake let's just go!'. I didn't.

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