Thursday, February 17, 2005

Back in Dallas again

after 4 whole days and 5 whole nights at home. Those of you who, like me, are expected to work when travelling rather than attending meetings (yeah, I know, cheap shot ) are probably wondering why?

As originally planned, I was to be in Dallas for an indeterminate amount of time measured in weeks. But our sales guy told the customer we'd do a software release on shiny CD's as described in posts from November 2004. The first I knew of this was on the Monday night, here in Dallas, last week.So, on Tuesday morning last week I took him aside (for the purpose of this post let's call him Kevin - it's his real name ).

'Kevin' said I. 'You know that software release you promised the customer for the 15th?'. He nods.

'Well mate', said I, 'it ain't going to happen!'.

'But it's gotta happen - I promised it'. says Kevin.

'Well it's not going to happen while I'm in Dallas' said I.

'Why not?' he ripostes.

'Well mate, who do you think does the software release process?'.

I watch as the penny drops.

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