Friday, February 25, 2005

Andrew was shocked

to learn that he's been the subject of at least one blog entry.

It came up over dinner tonight. I don't remember the exact details (isn't that supposed to be one of the symptoms of Alzeheimers? Long term memory works, short term doesn't?) but we were stirring Andrew about his 'lifestyle' decision and I told him I'd blogged about it. He stared rather uncomprehendingly so I explained what a blog is. I fear I exaggerated a little - he doubtless imagines millions of readers. I should be so lucky!!

He wanted to know what I'd written. A golden opportunity not be to missed. You see, Andrew is lazy. He won't lift a finger if he can get someone else to do it for him. He won't read a book if he can watch a movie about it instead. And he won't google if he can persuade me or mum to answer a simple question. I fear I'm somewhat unsympathetic here; I won't answer his questions directly; I'll tell him where he can find the answer and I'll fill in the detail if he's missing a point; I'll happily explain until the cows come home as long as he expends at least some effort but I'll go to my grave before I'll tell him something he could learn for himself. This is, of course, a value judgement but I refuse to spoon feed him.

So I pointed him to our friend - Google. Told him exactly what to use as the search term. My name as it happens. Thus far it looks like he'll never know what I wrote.

Gawd knows what'll happen if Morgan finds out I've blogged about her. She WILL go read.

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