Thursday, August 31, 2006

Who would you do?

Another night out with the lads; Vern, Monty and Guy. This one was planned to either celebrate or commiserate depending on the outcome of my naturalisation interview. I suspect that for the US Citizens present (Vern and Monty) it was both!

I note that Randy at the office, upon hearing I'd been approved, said 'proof they'll take anyone'. I riposted with 'well, they saw the home grown product and realised they needed to lift their game!'. :-)

I enjoyed the evening immensely. I wasn't the designated driver this time around! That honour fell to Guy who's on the wagon.

In the past I've dined at home with Sonya and Andrew before setting out but this evening I decided I'd eat at the pub. So we called for menus. I decided I wanted ribs but was unable to decide between the full rack and the half rack. So, when the waitress returned to take our order I asked, in all innocence 'How big is the rack?'. Of course I realised what I'd said about the time I hit that final 'k'. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Vern struggling mightily to suppress a mighty laugh! I think he did well!

Of course she, the waitress, didn't miss the double entendre; she flirted with us for the rest of the evening! It's most flattering to a 50 something bloke to have a waitress in her early 20's flirting! I think the 40 somethings enjoyed it too!!!

Fuelled by the third (or was it the fourth?) beer, conversation turned to a contest; who could come up with the biggest dilemma? With whom would we rather have sex? Sandra Bullock or Kirsten Dunst? And so on. Many many names, most of which I didn't recognise. And when I suggested names I got the analogous blank stares. Who on earth is Ruby Keeler[^]?

It went downhill from there!

An evening out with the lads that I thoroughly enjoyed! :-)

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Guy said...

For me the most difficult "who would you do?" question must have been between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. I think that all of us struggled with that one.