Friday, August 25, 2006

Stupid Drivers

laws are on the books here in Arizona. Yeah, I know the sentence is awkward but I wanted to use 'Stupid Drivers' as the title.

I reckon the laws ought to target drivers stupid enough to be doing 70MPH down the freeway in the innermost lane who notice that the exit they wanted is 50 yards away and do a sudden right veer across three lanes of traffic! Scares the crap out of me when they do stunts like that. I'm sure it's no coincidence that the daily traffic reports contain so many freeway rollover accidents. It's definitely no coincidence that I avoid the freeways here as much as possible!

But no, the Stupid Drivers laws refer to situations where a driver ignores a sign warning not to enter low lying areas during a flood, gets into trouble and needs to be rescued from the flood. Said driver can be made to pay the cost of the rescue.

The first time I saw the sign 'Do not enter when flooded' in the dip just after Tatum Blvd crosses Lincoln I scoffed. This is Arizona; how could it possibly flood? That was my first year; I hadn't seen what a sudden downpour can do here.

The weather today was amazing! Thunderstorms at 7:30 AM moving North. At 8, having a smoke outside just before the first teleconference of the day, it felt positively wintry at a mere 80 degrees F! Lightning, rain, wind, half the sky dark!

I managed to miss most of it due to the aforementioned teleconference but news radio was full of stories of Stupid Drivers[^].

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