Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A leg pull

So Guy[^] decides he's going to take the piss[^]. He posts this[^] to which I responded with a simple question 'Que??'.

Yeah I could have used BabelFish[^] to translate but it was more fun to play Manuel[^]!

I could cut and paste more links but it's easier if you go read the comments on his post. It'll give Guy a few more hits and believe me, his blog needs all the hits it can get! :-) I still think this post will come close to a personal record for the number of links!

Verns final comment ends with this pithy observation...

Oh, and Rob; Guy is full of excrement... But we knew that already!

I don't need no steenking BabelFish to translate mierda :-)

1 comment:

Guy said...

I'm still gunning for the first hit from the island of Nuie (inhabitants 4,000). Knowing my luck, they route through NZ and so will never show up on the map.

I have noticed that friends from SA in Durban on the east coast don't show up on the map. There are just 2 SA locations on the map which are Johannesburg and Cape Town. I assume that all of the country's international traffic goes through there. I'm surprised that IP's have not been geographically mapped to the east coast.

Actually I'm not surprised. I know how inefficient they are and so won't expect accurate geo-mapping for another 10 years...