Monday, August 14, 2006

Petty revenge

Yesterday I was returning some CD's to the local library. By an accident of timing I happened to drive in just as a woman sauntered down the carpark. The carpark is fairly small and there's not quite enough room for the roadway to be two way; as a consequence arrows are marked quite clearly.

The woman was, of course, sauntering down the middle! Not enough room on either side to safely pass her and she didn't give a damn about anyone else on the planet but herself! When she got to her car she condescended to clear the roadway and I could find my own spot!

A little observation and some timing and I was positioned to saunter, carelessly, down the middle of the roadway as she was trying to drive out!

Petty? Of course! Satisfying? You betcha!!!


LeperColony said...

Haha, commendations on maintaining the "what goes around comes around" principle of life.

Rob said...

Thanks :-)