Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The other other Melbourne

As a Melbourne boy from way way back it wasn't possible that I could be driving along Highway 401 from London to Sarnia, Canada, see the sign pointing to Melbourne and *not* take a detour.


This makes a total of three Melbournes I've seen so far; the one you all know about, the one in Florida and now the one in Canada. I didn't even know Canada had one!

Nice little town though. Maybe 40 houses, the obligatory petrol station, farming supply house and, quite the surprise, a branch of the county public library[^], occupying one half of a shopfront which, according to the moulding above the doorway, was constructed in 1934. In the shop window they have a bulletin board announcing the latest changes; one is the addition of a drop box so that books can be returned outside of hours! Hours? Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3 PM to 5 PM.

Ok, that's a trifle sarcastic and such sarcasm is not really warranted; I was very impressed that the county maintains a permanent presence in such a small townlet. I'd be hard pressed to name a Victorian country town of similar size which had a permanent building dedicated to the library.

The pink band on my left arm is the armband they give you at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's been there three days so far and I'm determined to wear it in to the office next Monday! :-)

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