Friday, August 04, 2006

Ask a stupid question

and get a stupid answer.

Yesterday we toured the Greenfields park at the Henry Ford museum area. Interesting tour provided you're willing to accept that not everything is authentic; they have many scaled down replicas of such things as Thomas Edison's first power station and his laboratory at Menlo Park New Jersey. Scale is relative and if the Menlo Park laboratory is scaled down then thank god; the replica is large enough for any megalomaniac!

Now, being an innocent in this world, I'd have thought that if one was curious about what lay around that corner or up those stairs that perhaps the best way to discover the answer would be to actually stick ones head around that corner, or perhaps mount those stairs. It seems that I'm too conscientious, for yesterday we heard someone walk up to one of the park keepers and ask 'what's up the stairs?'. I loved the answer. 'Up there is the second floor!'.

I reckon it took me a couple of minutes to stop laughing and I'm afraid that perhaps the poor park keeper thought I was laughing at him. I wasn't.

How can one be curious enough to visit a historical park and yet not be curious enough to climb a set of stairs? Beats me!

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