Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Mickey Mouse!
(Donald Duck!)
Mickey Mouse!
(and so on...)

Even though I loathe and detest Disney and all he stands for I can't help having that song burned into my brain. All those afternoons way back in the dim dark past (circa 1960) watching the Mousketeers sing and prance their way around the stage. Gotta admit I fell for Annette Funicello[^]! :-)

Yesterday we arrived at Chicago O'Hare airport perhaps a trifle too early. Frankly none of us felt like driving around to kill a couple of hours so, after checking out of the hotel, up we fronted ready to check our bags in and while away the time people watching. Of course our flight was delayed an hour! In total we spent five hours in the airport waiting.

Neither my wife nor I were prepared to pass through security straight away; you can't smoke on that side and if you're killing four hours (we didn't yet know the flight was running late) it doesn't really matter which side of security you do it on.

Andrew of course had other ideas. He wanted to be on the other side of security. Fine. He's nearly 15. If he wants to pass through security and sit over there go for it baby!

But nope, he didn't want to be separated from us and yet he didn't want to sit out on the freedom side of security.

Outvoted he pouted. Pouting isn't all that attractive on even the cutest female face; it certainly isn't attractive on a teenage boy! (That's my sexist comment for the year!). So Mom felt she had to do something to cheer him up. Three letters into the chant and I joined in!

Did it cheer him up? Of course not! :-) Extreme embarassment would be closer to the mark! But it sure cheered us up!

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