Friday, August 18, 2006

I want my Krispy Kreme

Actually I don't care one way or the other. What is called a donut (sic) here isn't to my taste; I much prefer the jam filled variety served hot from the fryer and rolled in sugar as sold by the roadside on many a country road in Victoria. There's a lesson in care! You have to be careful how you eat one of those; a misplaced bite either squirts the jam down your shirt or straight into your mouth. Of the two outcomes the first is preferable; that jam is HOT!

I noted with interest when I spent a month driving around the North Island of New Zealand that the place to go if you wanted a doughnut was the fish shop! It sounded all wrong, going for a doughnut cooked in the same oil used for fish and chips but man they tasted good!

The Krispy Kreme donut (sic) franchise went titsup here in Arizona last week. When, last Sunday, I mentioned the fact within Andrews hearing he expressed considerable dismay. Given that the last time we actually had a Krispy Kreme would be more than two years ago I expressed considerable surprise.

I suspect my wording might have been more pointed than that but I can't recall exactly what I said. Put on the spot he prevaricated; 'well, I might want one'.

I foresee a lot of junk accumulated in that boys life; I might need that sometime! Been there, done that, threw out a skipful or four... :-)

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Guy said...

Have you ever been challenged to eat a doughnut (especially one with a sugar frosting) without licking your lips? I was. I accepted the challenge and I managed to do it. However, I hated eating that doughnut and will never again accept any stupid challenge like that. Totally destroys the fun and enjoyment.