Sunday, August 20, 2006

A truer word was never spoken

Tonight we had the 'pleasure' of a visit from TBFH (The bitch from Hell aka Morgan, my 18 year old step-daughter).

You'll remember that a month ago[^] I was beside myself with joy at the thought of her moving out however short the pleasure might have been. The pleasure has been prolonged almost beyond belief.

I have no idea how Dad, who has, to date, ducked his responsibilities completely, has been coping nor do I much care. As long as TBFH is not living here I'm happy!

You understand that a month ago she didn't move out to live with Dad; she moved out to live with some friends who found her somewhat less attractive in the reality of 24 hours a day than she'd been up to then. In short, she was evicted, baby and all. Disbelief! How could the centre of the universe be evicted??? Thus has reality hit the 'little princess'.

Some pointed words by yours truly convinced her to try Dad before returning, tail between her legs.

Cruel? Probably. Careless? Probably. But she aint the progeny of my loins and I owe her the loyalty I'd owe a stranger. Most strangers would come higher on my list.

I'd think it's pretty clear I don't like her. She returns the sentiment.

So tonight she was at dinner. It took a bit of convincing to get Sonya to agree that if TBFH wanted to eat at our expense she should have the decency to sit at the dinner table. In short, I'm not going to put up with her dropping in at her convenience, take food and run. She wants support from us she pays the price and the price is that she treats us like family.

It costs me too! I have to sit at the same table as the spawn of the devil. Believe me, it's not easy listening to someone who acts as though her shit doesn't stink on a hot summer day and keep my mouth shut! But I love my wife and if that's what it takes to keep them both happy I'll bite my tongue and not tell the little princess what I really think of her!

So there we were tonight showing the barest vestiges of being a family. Andrew, Sonya and I do very well at being a family. Add in Shelby and her new husband Matt and we've got the makings of a very happy family group indeed. Throw in TBFH and you can hear everyone's teeth grinding with a sound reminiscent of chalk on a blackboard!

Andrew was talking about his first week at high school; complaining about having to learn spanish. TBFH rattled off a few phrases in that language; I reckon I understood maybe half of them. Which was maybe twice as much as Andrew understood. He excused himself by pointing out that it was Saturday and he'd 'learned nothing' today.

That'd be right!


Ed said...

I really tought she would have moved back in by now. Your luck she only hates you enough not to.

Rob said...

I do believe that's you, Sunlight Wings :-)

ed said...

A river of green is sliding unseen beneath the trees.