Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well, it's not WMP11

Last night[^] I mentioned a problem downloading some purchased music on MSN Music.

I now have 382 copies of the first movement of Raff's Fifth Symphony and no license to listen to any of them!

Now I tried all the obvious stuff. Turned off Windows Firewall (My computer is behind a router so that's safe enough). I tried going back to WMP10; no luck. I tried uninstalling a whole bunch of WMP related stuff (MsnMusic download agent etc). Reinstalled it and it tells me it'll generate a new unique ID for my computer. That was a bit of a worry; would MSN Music 'forget' that I still had outstanding downloads? Nope, it's still stalled and still downloading over and over again the same 13.5 megs of music.

Rolled forward again to WMP11, no change!

I can't explain the optimism that led me to purchase the music a second time. It's only a buck and I'll smoke that much in a blogging session but that of course made no difference except that it now has two sets of 6 tracks in the download queue.

Is there any obvious way to clear the download queue and start again? Not that I can find. Maybe there's some obscure registry key or XML file somewhere in my system but more likely, methinks, the list is held on their system, matched to me by my login details and it'll never clear. It's not like they provide a 1800 number to call to resolve the problem.

So I'm buggered if I know what to do from here. Any ideas?

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