Thursday, June 15, 2006

An interesting view of history

Andrew spent the last day or two with his father spelunking somewhere near Flagstaff Arizona.

Arrived home for dinner tonight after that postponed teleconference with the folk over in the Philippines we asked him how his trip had been. He considered for a moment and answered.


And that was it! We waited for the expansion but it wasn't forthcoming. Hmmm, I reckon if that boy had written the Bible it would have fit onto a postcard!

Well I wasn't going to let it go at that was I? A little questioning and he produced the 'fact' that the cave he'd explored was so dry that President Kennedy had, in the 1970's, prepared to use it to store food during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I glanced at my wife; she returned the glance.

'Hmmm Andrew', I said. 'When was this?'

'In the 1970's' he replied.

'You're sure of that'?

He nodded confidently.

'Ok' I continued, 'when was President Kennedy assassinated?'.

He wasn't quite sure so I supplied the date, along with the date of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

'Oh' he said, 'I knew that!'

'So', I asked, 'when was the cave approved for use as a missile shelter?'

'In the 1970's!' came the confident reply.

'Well then', I asked, going for the kill. 'How could JFK have planned to use this cave in the 1970's'?

A puzzled look and my wife and I burst out laughing. Then the penny dropped and he smiled sheepishly.

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