Friday, June 02, 2006

It happened today

the birth that is.

Yes, Morgan delivered today, a boy, Ryan. Mother and son doing well I'm told and indeed, to go by the blazing row she and Sonya had over the phone an hour or two ago, Morgan is already back to her old self.

The birth was induced and, indeed, planned yesterday (Wednesday) to take place today (Thursday).

It was interesting to see the contrast between office expectations of how I should react and family expectations. Quite the opposite of what I'd expected. Ron wanted to know why I was still at the office instead of rushing to the hospital. Randy and Dave were ribbing me. Randy in particular wanted to know what I wanted to be called; Grandpa?? I told him 'screw you buddy'! :-)

At home there was no expectation whatsoever that I'd be anywhere near at the time. Whether Sonya is disappointed that I didn't offer to be present (or at least in a nearby waiting room) is something I couldn't say. *shrug*

Whether she's disappointed that I have no intention of visiting Morgan at the hospital is another something I couldn't say.

I wish I could feel anything about this other than a deep foreboding.

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