Thursday, June 22, 2006

Din dins and underwear

I said last night[^] that I'd let you know what was planned for my birthday.

Do you hear that? Listen carefully. Hear it? The sound of silence! Yep, I have the house to myself tonight and tomorrow night. The family, Sonya, Morgan and Andrew are in Flagstaff in the run up to Shelby's wedding and I have the place to myself! Wooobloodyhoo! :-)

Now this might sound a little selfish and if it does I'll live with it but after more than three and a half years of not living alone I really did need a night or two to myself. Nope, all those nights spent in hotels don't count; that's not being at home.

Nope, being at home means I have my computer to hand, my TV with all those movies (75 hours or so of them) recorded and waiting to be watched, my cats demanding attention, and the freedom to eat dinner sitting in front of the TV watching one of the movies aforesaid wearing only my underpants! :-)

If the price of this is being 52 I'll happily pay it! :-)

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